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How to Invest in Real Estate While Earning Minimum Wage
The draw to the late-night infomercials, books, and DVD programs that boast a “no money down, no hassle, no experience needed” real estate transaction is for a reason; it appeals to Joe Everyman. Although the actual programs may be more complicated then the highlights make it out to be, the bottom line is that anyone can invest in real estate, no matter where you’re starting from.
How I Overcame Fear, Age, and Lack of Experience to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor
As I make my way farther and farther into my thirties I see more and more younger faces coming into the understanding and business of investing in real estate for profit. Gone are the days of me being the youngest investor in my Real Estate Investor’s Club, local seminars, or other real estate related groups.
Buccament Bay Resort holds Kids’ Beach Olympic Games
With inspiration from the recent Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, the award-winning Buccament Bay Resort in St Vincent & The Grenadines decided to swap snow for gorgeous white sand and held it’s very own Kids’ Beach Olympic Games.
Three Smaller Luxury House Plans | house plan
A luxury house plan doesn’t have to be a mansion. While they are typically large and expansive you can find lots of moderate sized house plans in our luxury house plan collection. In fact, recent trend in the housing industry is to design smaller house plans with luxurious upgrades and details. While our collection of luxury house plans come in a variety of exterior styles one thing they have in common is that they all have over 3,000 square feet of living space. Here are some smaller house plans in our collection that maintain luxury and elegance

Luxury Estate Reviews

We invite you to browse our luxury real estate and properties worldwide. Explore international lifestyles including waterfront, golf or ski luxury homes, properties and estates. Luxury homes for sale, real estate and luxury property can be found in the luxury portfolio database presented by the leading real estate companies of the world. Showcases some of the world's finest real estate and the industry's leading luxury brokers.

‘Speed Rounds’ will add some pep to Monday afternoon at RealWorld

The Propertyware track at RealWorld has a Monday afternoon pick-me-up in store. New in 2015, the fast-paced “Propertyware Speed Rounds” will team up audience members to compete and collaborate on tasks, trivia, and idea-sharing. You may not even have time to finish your caffeine-charg
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Experts on Real Estate

Light: a vector of emotion

The customer is an amalgamation of many interests, opinions, pursuits and attractions and it is time for commerce to adapt. But how do/can you stay relevant and in demand to the constantly evolving online consumer tastes and interests? Store Operations Hub, a Schneider Electric and Lu

Retailer of the Week: Mint Velvet

With a sales increase of 1.8% in June 2015 compared to the same period last year, analysts agree on the fact that the UK retail market is “retaining positive momentum”. Commenting on the declining consumer price index (CPI) inflation in the UK, JLL‘s Head of Forecasting Andrew Burrel

Retailer of the Week: Karaca

Among the major trends analysts have identified over the last years is the fact that an increasing number of global investors have set their sights on seizing the opportunities emerging from the booming Turkish market. According to the World Bank data, Turkey’s GDP grew by a prosperin

In pictures: the MAPIC Roadshow in New York City

It is well-known that MAPIC, the international retail property market held every November in Cannes, has close ties with France. Yet, the MAPIC Roadshow decided to head towards the USA on the occasion of Bastille Day. Industry experts and leaders from the retail sector in the USA and

The 3 Fundamental Pillars of Real Estate Start-Up Mastery
Through over a decade of starting various business and now working with students who want to get started with apartment
#AskBP 086: What Elements Must My Real Estate Website Contain?
In today’s world, having a website is almost a necessity for real estate investors. But what does an ideal real estate
Multifamily Myths: Why Economy of Scale Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Does
Economy of Scale. This is the big advantage of investing in multifamily — or at least it’s the one most talked about
Does a 401(k) Make Sense, or Should I Invest Those Funds Elsewhere?
I’m sure you’ve thought about whether or not your 401(k) is a good investment vehicle to utilize. If you are like mo